Amazonia - 1

Amazon Mission

The Amazon Mission will provide remote sensing data (images) to observe and monitor deforestation, especially in the Amazon region, as well as the diversified agriculture throughout the country with a high revisit rate, working in synergy with existing environmental programs.

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About the satellite

Amazonia 1 is the first Earth Observation satellite based on the MMP, to be completely designed, integrated, tested and operated by Brazil.

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Technological gains

  • The validation of the Multi Mission Platform (MMP) as a system, generating reliability and significant reductions in schedules and costs for the development of future satellite missions based on the Multi Mission Platform;
  • Consolidation of the knowledge of Brazil in the complete cycle of development of stabilized satellites in 3 axes;
  • Development in the national industry of the opening mechanisms of the Solar Panel;
  • Development of the propulsion of the attitude and orbit control subsystem in the national industry, although using parts acquired abroad;
  • Consolidation of knowledge in the launch campaign of more complex satellites;

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Amazonia 1 in the Midia

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